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Storage Box


The Latest Edition to our shed collection is our new storage box; this box was specifically designed and constructed to blend in next to your house or on your porch and it looks like a box instead of a garden shed or shack.



 This storage box is specifically designed to store valuable items such as bicycles, water purification systems or other mechanically controlled devices; you can also store your garden equipment and other household accessories etc. The box specifications without a doubt will give home owners associations and neighbours no reason to complain as it simply looks like a box.




Our standard size Storage box have a flat roof, and stands 1835mm high, 1600mm wide and 1000mm deep, the box frame and structure is fully galvanised to protect box from corrosion and possible rust. The inside of box is fully enclosed with galvanised sheets and comes with one shelf, box outer is fixed with nutec clap planks and door have a secure locking system. Box is going for R14 250




This Box is one of a kind and we can also customise it to any size and even soundproof it.

Standard Shed

R13 900


 Jumbo Shed

R18 250


Patio Box

900mm X 1800mm X 600mm
R8 900

Patio Box 900mmX1800mmX600mm
              R8 900Patio Box 900mmX1800mmX600mm R8 900