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We all need extra space to clear out our garden tools from the storage room and we know visiting an architect and drawing up building plans can be very expensive, we at Envirosheds can build you a decent nutec shed that will fit into your estate much better than a Wendy house,our sheds wont deteriorate from standing long hours in the sun.

The Sheds we build is especially made for small passages in your back yard and stands up against any existing house wall, we currently have three shed sizes available and it can also be build to your specification, Buying either of our sheds is long term investment and money well spent, our sheds also gets easy approvals by most home owner associations which gives you more reason to invest in our latest incarnation of the garden shed.

The shed can easily keep the lawnmower, spades and other garden utilities. Sheds are all made on request and we deliver it to your location, sheds are neatly finished with white polycarbonate roof sheets, galvanised doors with lock and key, 2 shelves to keep your accessories with hanging space to place your hooks on.....

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Small Shed

R10 900




Standard Shed

R13 900


 Jumbo Shed

R18 250


Patio Box

900mm X 1800mm X 600mm
R8 900

Patio Box 900mmX1800mmX600mm
              R8 900Patio Box 900mmX1800mmX600mm R8 900